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Factoid: David Chomitz - lives in a town
Factoid: David Chomitz - has a nice hair
Factoid: David Chomitz - likes to work hard
Factoid: David Chomitz - eats all his vegetables
Factoid: David Chomitz - cannot change oil in a car
Factoid: David Chomitz - has a number of pairs of shoes
Factoid: David Chomitz - has lost more than 1 golf ball
Factoid: David Chomitz - likes to eat when he`s hungry
Factoid: David Chomitz - once met a guy whose cousins neighbour saw Elvis at a hotdog stand in Wasaga Beach


Hi and if you`re here you must have keyed in something wrong in your search. This is my personal web site, and to be honest I`ve never wanted a personal web site. In fact the idea of a David Chomitz web site makes me feel kind of silly. But, it is a silly world so who am I to question . So here are some opinions.

David Chomitz Thinks ....

1. As David Chomitz, it`s my considered opinion that the price of gas is too high.

That`s just David Chomiz talking now....

2. As David Chomitz, it is also my opinion that pancakes can be very good in the morning.

There you have it .... please accept that I have tried to make these as un provoking as possible I am in no way interested in any conversation about either of these opinions, and further, if I have offended anyone please accept my sincere apologies.

Remember .... don`t feed the trolls.

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